Troubleshooting: Android Auto Disconnecting Issues

android auto keeps disconnecting

Modern cars are packed with advanced user-centric features, making driving easier and more convenient. Amidst these features is the Android Auto app, which allows drivers to sync their mobile phones with the car. The app developed by Google connects to the car’s infotainment system, providing easy access to major mobile functions. Whether receiving calls, sending voice messages, or navigating, Android Auto can cater to all of it. Similar to any other app, Android Auto can also malfunction, and the most common is continuously disconnecting. That said, Android Auto keeps disconnecting, which can be a hassle for many, especially when driving.

For your convenience, here we have mentioned different ways to troubleshoot when Android Auto keeps disconnecting. 

What to Do When Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

Troubleshooting Android Auto is relatively simpler and can be done by the drivers. Here are some ways to fix when Android auto automatically disconnects.

Check Your Car’s Compatibility

First, check whether the car supports the current version of Android Auto downloaded on your mobile or not. Generally, vehicles released before 2017 support the older version of Android Auto and are unable to cater to the latest version, but it varies from vehicle to vehicle. To avoid confusion, refer to the car’s owner manual, which elaborates on which Android Auto version is supported by your car. 

Syncing Android Auto Mobile app with car's head
Make sure the version of Android Auto downloaded on your mobile is also supported by the car

Reboot Infotainment System

Android Auto continuously disconnecting can also be due to a malfunctioning infotainment system. Look for common infotainment issues like screen flickering or unresponsiveness to voice commands. If the infotainment system is functioning properly, restart the system. 

Turn off the engine and let the system shut down properly. Once it shuts down, start the ignition, restart the infotainment system and try connecting Android Auto. 

Update Android Auto 

The Android Auto app is regularly updated to maintain its efficiency. That said, if the app is not updated regularly, it might cause issues like automatically disconnecting. To update the Android Auto app on your phone, follow these steps. 

  • Open “Google Play”
  • Navigate to “ Manage Apps and Devices” and select Android Auto
  • Click “Update” 

Once the app is updated, restart your phone and car infotainment system for better performance. 

Refresh Your Phone

If the Android Auto disconnecting issue is persistent even after following all the above-mentioned steps, it’s better to have a look at your phone. Firstly, turn off the battery saver mode, as it can shut down apps like Android Auto running in the background. Next is to clear the Android Auto cache on your phone. 

  • Open “Settings” and navigate to “Apps”
  • Tab “Android Auto” and select “Storage”
  • Select “Clear Cache” 

After completing these steps, check for any missing updates that are necessary for your phone to function adequately. If your phone malfunctions continuously, browse through these used phones for sale in the UAE and buy a new one hassle-free. 

Inspect Connections and Ports

If you are using wired connections, it is necessary to inspect it regularly. Check whether the USB cable is compatible with both your phone and car. Generally, cars support 2. x standard USB cable in which data transfer is limited to 480 Mbps. If your cable does not match the standard, it is recommended to get it replaced. 

After checking the compatibility, properly clean all the ports and USB cables. The ports in cars are prone to damage, as dust and grime can accumulate in them. To avoid this issue, follow a car interior detailing schedule and get your car cleaned regularly. 

Besides, here are some other ways to pair your phone with the car that you can opt for.

Car USB ports used to connect Android Auto
Clean USB ports and cables to remove any dust or grime accumulated in it

Opt for Standard Configuration

Android Auto may have stopped connecting due to certain misconfigurations that can be fixed by changing general settings. Open the Android Auto settings on your phone and opt for these generalised settings. 

  • Select “Always” under the “Start Android Auto Automatically” bar. 
  • Enable “Start Android Auto While Locked” 
  • Disable “Wireless Android Auto” ( in case the wireless system is not supported by the car)


Can I connect Android Auto via Bluetooth?

No, it is not possible to connect Android Auto with the car infotainment system through Bluetooth. 

Can I use Android Auto with a USB cable?

Yes, Android Auto can either be connected through a cable or using a wireless connection, depending on the vehicle. 

What if I did not update Android Auto?

Not updating Android Auto timely can cause multiple connectivity issues, affecting the overall performance of the app. 

These were all the ways to fix when Android Auto keeps disconnecting. The Android Auto is an advanced app which allows users to access multiple mobile features through the car’s infotainment system. To maintain its efficiency, the app is updated regularly, and many older cars are unable to sync with the latest version of the app. That said, if you are still driving an old car that can not sync with the latest apps, it’s time to switch. Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and buy a car that supports advanced technological features. 

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