Why and How to Maintain Car Spare Tyre and Jack

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When one thinks of car maintenance, filters, oil changes, tyres and car maintenance are the first to enter the checklist. However, a spare tyre and car jack are mostly forgotten. Spare tire and jack maintenance rarely cross car owners’ minds until they experience a flat tyre.

In most cases, a spare tyre and jack go unused for years until you have to change a tyre in the mid-journey. That’s why it is essential to maintain a spare tyre and emergency car jack. 

Before we delve into how to maintain a car spare tyre and jack, let’s find out why these are important.

Importance of Spare Tyre and Jack

When you are cruising, your car tyre can lose pressure and blow out. In such moments of automotive distress, a spare tyre, jack and wrenches can come in handy. A spare tyre is a backup in case of a flat tyre or tyre damage while on the road. It becomes necessary because a flat tyre in remote areas can leave you stranded with no immediate assistance.

Additionally, knowing how to change a tyre using a jack and a spare tyre is a skill that a driver must possess. It allows one to handle common roadside emergencies without external assistance. Moreover, a driver must know about the car’s spare tyre and jack maintenance. Let’s learn how to maintain it.

How to Maintain Car Spare Tyre and Jack

Car spare tyre, jack and wrench
Spare tyres can come into play when the regular one bursts during the journey

Here are a few tips for spare tyre and jack maintenance:

Check the Tyres Regularly

Inspect the spare tyre’s tread and sidewalls for signs of wear, dry rot or damage. If it’s a full-size spare tyre, ensure it’s properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI. Ideal tyre pressure for cars ranges from 32 to 35 PSI. Besides, some vehicles have tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) connected to the spare tyres. That said, it helps find out the correct tyre pressure.

If it’s a compact spare tyre (also known as a doughnut spare), check the inflation pressure as well. These parts are typically meant for temporary use and may require higher pressure than full-size tyres.

Checking spare tyre pressure
Keep a check of the spare tyre when you check the other tyres’ pressure and conditions

Check the Jack

When making a monthly car maintenance checklist, ensure putting spare tyre and jack maintenance on that list. Ensure that the jack and lug wrench are in good working condition. Check for rust, damage or missing parts. Lubricate any moving parts of the jack to prevent it from seizing up over time.

Often, a car jack is borrowed or given. Therefore, checking the jack and ensuring that you have the right tyre-changing tools is essential.

Inspect the Lug Wrench

When performing spare tyre and jack maintenance, check if the lug wrench is working. Make sure you know the details about lug wrench dimensions and wheel nuts. Buy a new or preowned lug wrench from the used car accessories for sale in the UAE. Also, ensure that it is the right fit for your car tyres.

Securely Store Your Spare Tyre and Tools

storing spare tyre and jack after using
Always store the spare tyre and jack safely in the car’s designated space

Many vehicles have a designated storage area in the trunk or under the cars. You can also store tools in some of the best toolboxes for pickup trucks if you have one. These toolboxes or storage areas in cars help keep the tools and tyres away from the air, dust, sun or water. 

Clean the spare tyre regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris, which can lead to premature deterioration. Also, be aware of the common tyre problems and check the spare ones accordingly to avoid emergencies.

Know How to Use the Jack

Get yourself familiarised with a vehicle’s owner’s manual to understand the proper jack points and lifting procedures. Moreover, practising using the car jack in a safe location to operate it correctly helps keep it intact and functional.

Don’t Bolt the Spare Tyre Firmly

If your vehicle has a spare tyre on the back (common in SUVs and Jeeps), it’s often hidden under a cover. It’s crucial to periodically remove the cover to check the spare tyre’s pressure, as they tend to go flat from non-use. Also, ensure the lug nuts securing the spare tyre aren’t rusty or overly tightened so you can easily remove them in case of a flat tyre.


using jack to lift the car and change the tyre with spare one
Don’t use a spare tyre for too long since it is designed for only a few kilometres


Yes. In most cases, you need a jack to safely and effectively change a spare tyre. The jack is used to lift the vehicle off the ground. It allows removing the flat tyre and installing the spare tyre. 

A lug wrench or tyre iron is also necessary to loosen and tighten the lug nuts that secure the tyres in place. These tools, including the jack, are essential for changing a spare tyre and should be kept in your vehicle for roadside emergencies.


Make spare tyre and jack maintenance part of your monthly checklist. It will help keep the spare tyres in good condition.


Usually, a spare tyre lasts for ten years. It is better to check it regularly.


It is not recommended to use these temporary tyres for more than 80 to 100 kilometres. That said, it can cause a crucial problem.

These were all the spare tyre and jack maintenance tips. Ensure that you check them regularly. Besides, inspect spare tyres when buying a used car for sale in the UAE. You can learn the safety tips for roadside emergencies and avoid these situations.

Stay tuned to the dubizzle cars blog and learn more tips about car parts maintenance and repairs.


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