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Fossil fuels used in internal combustion engines are perishable and lose their properties after a certain time. That said, when fuel is not used for a longer period, it starts deteriorating the fuel tank and other auto parts. To cater to this, fuel stabilisers are used, a chemical that helps fuels retain their properties even after a longer time period.

Here are all the details regarding car fuel stabilisers, their usage, along with pros and cons. 

Fuel Stabiliser for Cars

Fossil fuels can undergo chemical changes when exposed to moisture and other chemicals in the vehicle. That said, it is suggested to regularly use and refill the tank to avoid fuel from detritating. However, when preparing a car for long-term parking, adding a fuel stabiliser to the tank is a must. 

Now that you are aware of the fuel stabilisers let’s elaborate on when and how to use them. 

When to Use Fuel Stabiliser

There are different types of fuels available with varied shelf life. Generally, fuel expires when not used for 3 to 6 months. That said, a fuel stabiliser should be added to the vehicles that will not be used longer than this period. Generally, fuel stabilisers are used for classic cars and other seasonal vehicles like yachts, boats and motorbikes. 

When to use fuel stabilisers
Fuel stabilisers are generally used when parking a vehicle for a longer period, more than 3 months

How to Use Fuel Stabiliser

Using a fuel stabiliser is a simple DIY process that can be completed at home. However, it is better to follow the steps mentioned below for better results. 

Add Measured Amount of Stabiliser

The first step is to measure the amount of fuel stabiliser and add it to the tank. The right-hand thumb rule for it is to add 30 ml of stabiliser per 40 litre of fuel. To measure your fuel tank’s capacity, read through the car’s user manual. Avoid adding too much fuel stabiliser, as it can adversely affect the tank. 

Fill Up the Tank

Once you have added the fuel stabiliser, refill the car tank. When refilling the tank, make sure the minimum exposure to air, water and moisture. Here is how much it will cost to fill up a car tank in the UAE. 

Drive the Car

After refilling the tank, run the engine for at least 5 to 10 minutes, which allows the stabiliser to reach every part of the fuel system. 

Pros and Cons of Fuel Stabiliser

Like any other additive, fuel stabiliser also comes with its pros and cons listed below. 

Pros of Using Fuel Stabilisers

Following are the pros of using fuel stabilisers in cars. 

Fuel Preservation

The foremost benefit of using a fuel stabiliser is the preservation of fuel. These additives work as an anti-expiry for the fuel and maintain its efficiency even when not used for months. 

Parking Convenience

Fuel stabilisers not only preserve the fuel but also facilitate vehicle parking for a longer period. The stabilisers keep fuel usable, allowing drivers to start their vehicle right away, even after months. In case you face any difficulty in starting your long parked car, follow these tips to start the vehicle sitting for months. 

Fuel System Damage Prevention

The fuel system can get damaged from fuel contamination causing bloackage in different parts of the system. Adding stabilisers can exempt this issue, saving cars from major malfunctions. 

Cons of Using Fuel Stabilisers

Aside from the pros, here are some cons of using fuel stabilisers in cars. 

Additional Cost

Fuel stabilisers incur an additional cost to the vehicle owners. Although it is not that much expensive, it adds to the overall cost of parking a vehicle for a longer period. For more affordable options, browse through these car accessories for sale in the UAE and buy auto accessories as per your budget. 

Adding fuel stabiliser to the tank
Adding fuel stabilisers to the tank is an additional expense, adding up to the monthly maintenance cost

Environmental Concerns

Some fuel stabilisers contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment when discarded. Therefore, it is important to dispose of these additives properly after using them, like when mechanics dispose of motor car oil after using, without harming the environment.  


What are fuel stabilisers?

Fuel stabilisers are additives that maintain the usability of fuel in the tank, keeping it usable for a longer time. 

Does fuel expire?

Yes, fossil fuels can expire after 3 to 6 months when not used.

Can I use a fuel stabiliser in my SUV?

Yes, fuel stabilisers can be used in any type of vehicle featuring an internal combustion engine. 

This was all about fuel stabilisers and their usage in cars. The fuel stabilisers prevent the car’s fuel system from damage, keeping fuel fresh and usable. Despite fuel stabilisers, there are multiple issues that drivers can face when starting their vehicles. 

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