Keep It Clean: How and When to Sanitise Car Interior

all about car interior sanitising

Car interior sanitising is important for a clean and safe environment for your vehicle. Not only does this maintain a tidy look but also makes sure the vehicle is hygienic, preventing drivers and passengers from various illnesses and outbreaks of germs. Let’s go through the details on how and when to sanitise your car interior. 

How to Sanitise Your Car’s Interior

Sanitising car seat is an important part of car interior sanitising
Avoid using abrasive objects when sanitising the car interior

While vacuuming dirt and wiping dust from hard surfaces can give the appearance of a clean vehicle, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other unseen germs requires additional effort. Here are some useful ways to sanitise the car interior. 

Gather Supplies

Before you start car interior sanitising, gather all the necessary supplies including disinfectant wipes, alcohol-based sprays, microfibre cloths and gloves. Make sure to use suitable products for cleaning car interiors that won’t damage the surfaces. Here is a list of important car interior cleaning products.

Ventilate the Car

roll down the windows before your car interior sanitise
Before starting the car interior sanitising process open the car windows or doors for proper ventilation

Roll down the windows or open the car doors before you start sanitising the car. This ensures proper ventilation with fresh air to circulate.

Clear the Car

Bacteria and viruses grow where there is warmth, a food source or moisture. Remove food particles, clutter and personal items from the car. This makes it easy to clean and disinfect all car interior surfaces. Here is how to clean the car interior roof. As for the dashboard, go through these important ways to clean car dashboard.

Start with High-Touch Areas

start with car interior sanitising with the high-touch areas
Sanitise and disinfect the high-touch areas of the car’s interior regularly

Prioritise sanitising high-touch surfaces. These include door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, buttons, touchscreen, seat belts, rearview mirror, sun visor and any other frequently touched areas. High-touch areas should be disinfected on a regular basis. The frequency depends on your car’s usage. Here are some efficient ways to disinfect a car.

If you drive a car all by yourself, consider sanitising it every two weeks for car interior protection. Those with families should consider car interior sanitising on a weekly or daily basis. Moreover, here is how to clear the car sun visor.

Clean Upholstery and Surfaces

Clean the car upholstery and surfaces using appropriate cleaning agents. These include cleaning agents for leather, fabric, plastic, and glass. Wipe down seats, armrests, dashboard, console, and other interior parts. 

Pay Attention to Nooks and Crannies

Don’t forget to clean hard-to-reach areas like between seats, air vents and cup holders. Here are some important ways to disinfect your car.

Sanitise Child Car Seats

In addition to normal seats make sure to clean and sanitise child car seats regularly. Here is how to clean car seats without leaving water spots.

Allow Drying Time

Once done with the car interior sanitising process, give the surfaces some time to dry. This step is especially important if you use a liquid disinfectant.

Wash Your Hands

wash your hands after sanitising the car interior
Wash your hands after sanitising the car’s interior

After the car interior sanitising process is done, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use hand sanitiser. It is also important to keep a car hand sanitiser. 

When to Sanitise Car Interior

The frequency of car interior sanitising depends on vehicle use
The more you and your family use a car, the more it should be sanitised

The frequency of car interior sanitising and car interior detailing depends on the vehicle’s use and its exposure to external elements. That said, it is recommended to sanitise your car interior at least once a week. This frequency can be enhanced if you frequently transport passengers or after visiting crowded places.

It is also advisable to sanitise the car interior more frequently during flu season when you or your passengers are unwell or if you have been in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Most people who have a personal conveyance, spend several hours of their day in their car when commuting to work or school. This makes it important for the car to be well-organised and neat. Apart from car interior cleaning, here are some useful car cleaning tips that will help keep your vehicle tidy inside out.

Whether you want to buy a used car for sale in the UAE or prefer a brand-new vehicle, it is necessary to keep the vehicle’s interior clean and sanitised to avoid illnesses. 

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