What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility

nissan intelligent driving

The automobile industry has witnessed a surge of technological advancements in vehicles. The adoption of technology has resulted in safer, more connected and more efficient cars. Almost all the leading automobile brands are adopting technologies at a faster pace including Nissan. 

To take vehicle connectivity and efficiency to the next level, Nissan has introduced Nissan Intelligent Drive. The Intelligent Drive is a combination of different safety and driver-assist features which aid in improving the driving experience. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Nissan Intelligent Mobility and the features it offers.  

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Features

Nissan Intelligent Drive is a perfect blend of driver-assist and modern car safety features. Following are the Nissan Intelligent Drive features that are offered by the brand. 

Intelligent Driving

The Nissan’s Intelligent Driving feature includes a bunch of driver-assist features which increase vehicle safety and reduce any potential chance of an accident. The intelligent drive uses different types of car sensors to detect traffic, provide traffic and pedestrian alerts and stop vehicles in emergencies. 

The Nissan Intelligent Driving features can be segmented into two broader categories mentioned below. 

Nissan Intelligent Driving feature
The Nissan Intelligent Driving feature is equipped with advanced technological features which increase safety and driveability


The Propilot assist feature enables drivers to cruise around the city and on the highways conveniently. The Propiot can be activated with a touch of a button present on the steering wheel. Once it’s activated, set desired speed and distance and leverage from steering assist, automatically controlled acceleration and braking. The system is capable of stopping and accelerating vehicles within 3 seconds. 

Alongside this, Propilot will also provide lane-keeping and lane departure systems, keeping the vehicle within the marked lanes on the road. 

Propilot Park

If you find parallel parking difficult, the Propilot Park system of Nissan is for you. The system helps drivers to park the vehicle by controlling braking, acceleration and gear shifts. 

You can activate the Propilot Park in front of the desired parking space. The ProPilot will autonomously measure the space and park the vehicle. However, pressing the brake or controlling the steering wheel will deactivate the system automatically.  

Intelligent Power

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility is not only limited to driver-assist features, it also includes Intelligent power. Intelligent Power provides Nissan electric cars with 100% instant torque and zero tailpipe emission. 

Nissan Intelligent Power
Nissan Intelligent Power includes electric cars which have longer ranges and better traction


Nissan has introduced the E-Pedal in its model series Leaf. The E-Pedal provides more control of the vehicle and also generates power for the vehicle. When the pedal is pressed it accelerates the vehicle and when depressed it works as regenerative braking and produces electricity.  


The Nissan’s e-Power system increases your driving experience by increasing battery range and additional road grip. The e-Power uses an electric motor to provide instant torque and zero tailpipe emissions. Moreover, the AWD drivetrain system increases the road grip increasing handling and driveability. 

Intelligent Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is integrated into Nissan vehicles to make them more connected and autonomous. The Intelligent Integration system allows cars to become smarter taking the right decisions in tough situations. An ideal example of Intelligent Integration in Nissan vehicles is the Nissan Connect. 

Nissan Intelligent Integration
To elevate the standard of its vehicles, Nissan has integrated several AI-operated features in its cars

Nissan Connect

The Nissan Connect system includes Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That said, these features aid drivers in playing music, tab social networks and navigating through the updated map. Furthermore, it also provides access to the car through a smartphone. 

EV Infrastructure

Nissan is taking its EV vision to the next level by developing EV charging infrastructure and providing home charging facilities. The Nissan Leaf can provide power in an emergency. Alongside this, Nissan is also planning for an “e-share mobi” car-sharing program that will allow travellers to use Nissan Leaf for car sharing. 

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Models

The Intelligent Mobility System is not offered in all the Nissan models. Here we have listed a few models that are available with Intelligent Mobility.

  • Nissan Sunny is available at a starting price of AED 61,000
  • Nissan Kicks that you can purchase at a starting price of AED 71,000
  • Nissan Maxima is available at a starting price of AED 129,500
  • Nissan X-Trail is available for sale at a starting price of AED 99,900
  • Nissan X-Terra with a starting price of AED 104,000
  • Nissan Pathfinder SV starting from AED 158,000

Apart from above mentioned cars, here is the list of other popular used Nissan cars in the UAE with advanced features. Please remember that the availability of an Intelligent Mobility system in a car is dependent on multiple factors, and it may or may not be available in the above-mentioned models. Therefore, it is suggested to contact the Nissan showrooms in the UAE before selecting the car. 


What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a complete package including a myriad of driver-assist and safety features which increases driveability and provides convenience to the drivers. 

What are the three core features of Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

The three pillars of Nissan Intelligent Mobility are:

  • Intelligent Drive
  • Intelligent Integration
  • Intelligent Power

What does Nissan Intelligent Mobility promise?

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a whole new dimension of technological inclusion in vehicles. It promises peace of mind and higher driveability. 

This was all about the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system, its features and the assistance it provides. The Intelligent Mobility of Nissan is a complete package providing maximum comfort and convenience to the drivers. If you are also interested in availing of these features, browse through these used Nissan cars for sale in the UAE and buy a Nissan with an Intelligent mobility feature. 

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog for more information on Nissan’s intelligent mobility prices.


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