How to Clay Bar a Car

clay bar a car

The car’s exterior requires regular maintenance to retain its colour and shine. Car owners opt for several different ways of cleaning their vehicles, one being clay bar detail. For clay bar detailing, all you need is a bar of clay and a lubricant. Clay bar is an effective detailing technique, as it is non-abrasive and causes no damage to the car paint. 

For your convenience, here we have mentioned all the steps for clay bar a car.   

Steps to Clay Bar a Car

Car paint holds significant importance as it can affect the car’s aesthetics and even its resale value. That said, clay bar treatment in cars helps remove dirt particles from the exterior without causing any damage. Professionals use different ways to clay bar a car. Mentioned below are the handiest ways. 

Wash your Car

Rinse your car with water and try to remove visible dirt, particles and grime from the surface. Washing cars with water will increase the effectiveness of clay detailing. However, avoid using a pressure washer, as the soap residue left on the vehicle will hinder the car detailing process. After washing it properly with clean water, let it dry for 15 minutes and then dry it using a microfibre cloth. 

Prepare Clay

For claying, you can either use a fine or medium-graded clay bar. Both have the same properties, but the fine-graded clay bar is more effective. If you are doing it for the first time, opt for a medium-graded clay bar. A 57gm clay bar is enough for a normal-size sedan.

Now, squeeze the clay bar in your palm for a few minutes, the body heat will melt the bar and make it moldable. Ideally, a 57 gm clay bar after squeezing should be 1.9cm thick and 3 to 4 fingers wide.

Spray Lubricant and Start Claying

Spray the lubricant over a small area of around 2. ft X 2. ft, also spray the clay bar for extra lubrication. Start from the cleanest areas of the car and gradually move towards the dirtiest parts of the car like bumpers and tyres.  

Make sure to use a proper lubricant for better results. This is because playing with an improperly lubricated area will leave clay residue on the car damaging its exterior. That said, you can browse through these used auto accessories for sale in the UAE and purchase a proper lubricant for clay detailing.  

Rub the Clay Back and Forth

To properly use the clay, flatten your hand, hold the clay bar between your fingers and rub it in up-and-down or side-to-side motion. Apply enough pressure so that clay will not fall from your hand. 

Keep an eye on the area and check the clay after every few minutes. If the clay gets dirtier, fold it in the opposite direction and use the clean part of the clay. Repeat the process until the clay completely changes its colour. 

Rubbing clay bar
Avoid rubbing clay bars in a circular motion as it can damage the car paint

Wipe It Off with a Microfibre Cloth

Once done with all the parts of the car, let it rest for 5 minutes. Now use a microfiber cloth and wipe out the car surface. It is necessary to remove any remaining clay or residue before moving towards the final step. 

The car surface after this step should be smooth. Run down your fingers on the surface and repeat the whole process if the surface is not smooth enough. 

Apply Sealant or Wax

Once done with claying, apply a sealant or wax on the surface. This will avoid car body rusting and fill small holes on the surface. You can use any car wax or polish available in the market. 

Pro Tips to Clay Bar a Car

Now that you are aware of the complete process, here are some pro tips to clay bar a car. These tips will aid in increasing detailing efficiency and avoiding any damage to the car paint. 

Use Clean Clay

The whole purpose of the clay par is to get in contact with the car surface and remove dirt particles. Therefore, it is necessary to use a clean clay bar for detailing. If the clay bar has particles or dirt, it will cause scratches on the car’s surface when rubbed against it. That said, avoid using bars you dropped on the road or used previously.  

Use Zip Lock

As mentioned above, a medium-sized clay bar is enough for a car. If you have purchased a large clay bar, cut it in half and only use the required amount. Seal the remaining clay bar in a zip lock bag and reuse it again. Using a zip lock bag will retain its moisture and keep it reusable for a long time. 

Water is Not a Lubricant

Remember that lubrication is the key to clay bar detailing. However, water can not be used as a lubricant for clay bar treatment in cars. Water will not provide proper lubrication leaving marks on the car surface. 

clay bar a car
Lubricating the car and clay bar is necessary for smooth clay detailing

Time Duration

Ideally, a car needs clay detailing after every two weeks but it varies from vehicle to vehicle. The clay detailing depends on multiple factors like the usage of the vehicle and the weather condition. Therefore, inspect your car’s condition physically and if you find dirt all over the place that is not getting away from regular cleaning, it’s time for detailing. 

However, for interior detailing, you can check the car cabin odour. Also, check the car manual as it elaborates on when the car needs detailing and washing. If you are washing a car for the first time at home, read our blog on where to start cleaning a car for more details. 

This was the complete process of clay bar a car safely. It is necessary to wash and detail your car after every few days to ensure the car paint’s shine and polish. Rusting or chipping car paints requires a fortune to repair and also affects the resale value of vehicles. That said, when buying a used car for sale in the UAE, check its paint properly to avoid any hassle. 

Besides, if you already have a car, avail yourself of the car detailing options in Dubai and other Emirates. 

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog for more information on the best clay bar for cars. 


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