How to Fix The Cigarette Lighter in Your Car

car cigarette lighter fixes

Automobiles continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Car manufacturers ensure the vehicles have something for everyone – thus increasing their sales and providing a better driving experience to their customers. A cigarette lighter in vehicles is a great example of automakers adhering to the needs of all customers. Although a serious threat to health, several people hang on to the smoking habit. As the cigarette lighter serves more functions than one, any malfunction can cause inconvenience for drivers.

We have compiled a list of some car cigarette lighter fixes to help drivers conveniently overcome all related issues.

Working of Cigarette Lighter in Cars

smoking in car can be injurious for your health and your car's health
Smoking is injurious to your health and it is also bad for your car

Cigarette lighters and ashtrays were commonly available in older models and to date, many manufacturers continue to add them. However, cigarette smoking is bad for the car and a person’s health and should be avoided at all times.

A cigarette lighter contains a nichrome coil which is heated with 12 volts of current. The heated end is then used to light up a cigarette or cigar. Additionally, a cigarette lighter’s use isn’t limited to lighting smoking stuff. Drivers also use it to ignite a fire if need be. It is a useful car gadget since one can replace it with phone chargers.

Increased environmental and health awareness has prompted several manufacturers to omit this feature from their vehicles but it is still seen in some vehicles. The modern-day lighters have evolved greatly and now come equipped with USB charging ports among other options.

Causes of Car Cigarette Lighter Not Working

A malfunctioning cigarette lighter may not be among the common car problems, but it can cause troubles nevertheless. It is important to know the car cigarette lighter fixes to eliminate the problem promptly.

That said, let’s first take a look at some of the common causes of a faulty cigarette lighter in the car.


A faulty fuse or bad wiring is also a common reason for a car cigarette lighter not working. This can be a result of extra amperage which makes it difficult for the socket to handle.

Additionally, plugging in inappropriate devices can also cause wiring problems or may lead to a blown fuse. Either way, the cigarette lighter will fail to function properly or may stop working as a whole.


A blown or fused socket can be the reason for a cigarette lighter in car not working
A blown socket can be the reason for a cigarette lighter in car not working

Much like the car charger port not working, a blown socket may cause problems in the cigarette lighter. In this case, the socket does not receive electricity at all.


This is a common issue, particularly for vertically installed lighters. Small particles, food crumbs or objects can find a way inside the socket and disrupt the electrical supply. This can cause problems not just for lighting stuff but if you want to charge your phone through the socket.


cigarette lighter fixes: buy car cigarette lighter from authorised sources as it is one way  car
Buying components from unauthorised sources can cause problems in your vehicle

A low or bad-quality charger may be the culprit behind all the mess. If you have brought a charger from an unauthorised brand, the components may not be as effective and may wear off rather quickly.

Car Cigarette Lighter Fixes

The aforementioned information sheds light on the causes of a faulty cigarette lighter in cars. Lighter problems can also become a problem for cars without a charging port as drivers usually use the lighter socket to charge the devices. These chargers remain among the essential car accessories for all trips.

That said, let’s now take a look at some effective ways on how to repair car cigarette lighter.


replacing the fuse is one way if your want to learn how to repair car cigarette lighter
A bad fuse can also cause the cigarette lighter to malfunction

If you come across a faulty cigarette lighter, check the device for a bad fuse. Different manufacturers use different names for charging devices or accessory outlets. Most car manufacturers label this fuse as LTR and it can be found in the fuse box under the hood.

If you are unable to locate the right fuse, check the vehicle’s manual to avoid causing damage to any other part. In the manual look for terms like cigar lighter, cigarette lighter, AUX power point 12 V outlet or 12 V power point.

Once located, pull out the fuse using the fuse gripper or you may use your fingers. Burnt or broken metal indicates a bad fuse. Replace the faulty fuse with a new one and try turning on the lighter again and it should work fine.


To diagnose a problem with the socket, you would need a multimeter. It is a viable option to have a multimeter along with the DIY car fix mechanical tools to diagnose and overcome several vehicle problems. Turn the car engine on before the test as many lighters do not function if the ignition is not on.

Connect the red wired lead to circuit ‘V’ and the black wire to the circuit ‘COM’. Check the voltage on the multimeter. For any reading below 12 volts, the problem lies in the circuit and it needs to be replaced.

When replacing the circuit, be sure to turn the vehicle off and remove the fuse to ensure safety. It is among the rather easy car cigarette lighter fixes. However, if you are unaware of the process, take your vehicle to a professional to fix the issue.


always clean the entire dashboard, plugs and socket as it is among the effective car cigarette lighter fixes
Debris can find its way into the socket, therefore, make it a habit to clean all the sockets and plugs

One of the ways to fix a car cigarette lighter is to clean the entire charger or plug. For debris or particles obstructing the current flow, cleaning should do the job just fine. Deep clean the charger and plug and remove any object that may seem out of place.

Moreover, it is a viable option to clean the area frequently to avoid any inconvenience in the first place. When cleaning the car dashboard, make it a habit of cleansing the cigarette lighter with it.


One effective way to eliminate any chances of cigarette lighter failure, be sure to buy it and the parts from a reliable source. Some parties may offer the products at a lower rate but don’t compromise on quality. Poor quality parts can often lead to major car problems. Therefore, only buy from authorised and authentic services.

Note: dubizzle does not promote smoking of any type. The aforementioned tips are to ensure that there is no damage caused to a vehicle because of these issues.

bid farewell to smoking and enjoy a hassle free and happy ride
Say no to smoking, keep your, your family’s and car’s health in check and enjoy a hassle-free driving experience

This is everything about car cigarette lighter fixes and some common causes of these issues. A car lighter serves several functions such as charging a phone among others. Ensure timely maintenance and enjoy a hassle-free ride at all times.

Moreover, abstain from smoking in the car or elsewhere as it poses a serious threat to you, the car and the passengers’ health. If your vehicle is contaminated with smoke smell, there are some effective ways to get the cigarette smell out of cars that can come in handy.

Modern vehicles come equipped with a whole lot of extra features like multiple charging ports for drivers and passengers. This somewhat eliminates the need for cigarette lighters as a whole. Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and have your pick from a wide variety of vehicles listed.

Stay safe, say no to smoking and keep following dubizzle’s auto blog for solutions to car problems and more.


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