4 Essential Things about Your Car Stereo Speakers

all about car stereo speakers

A car stereo comes standard with speakers, a CD-player, a DVD player, radio and ports for your USB and MP3 players. Moreover, modern car stereos also have the option of Bluetooth and navigation, among others. For those looking to upgrade the sound system of their vehicle, several aftermarkets are available. Let’s go through some important things about car stereo speakers. 

1. Parts of a Car’s Stereo System

here are some important things to know about car stereo and speakers
Different parts of car stereo systems have different functions

The overall system volume and audio sources in a car are controlled by the head unit. Simply put, the amplifier increases the power of the audio’s signal, to move the speakers and create sound. Amplification in cars is done by a preamp and a power amplifier. As for speakers, they convert an amplified electrical signal into mechanical energy, moving the speaker back and forth to create sound. If you prefer listening to music on the go always check the sound quality before buying a car stereo.

2. Types of Car Stereo Speakers

there are different types of car stereo speakers
Tweeters, sub tweeters, mid range speakers, woofers and sub woofers are common component speakers

The most convenient way to add life to the music in your car is by upgrading the car speakers or installing new ones. There are different types of car’s speakers including component speakers and coaxial speakers.

Component speakers can be installed in your vehicle’s lower front door, upper front door, red deck corner and rear deck tweeters. Generally, cars have five common types of component car speakers. Tweeters, super tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers and subwoofers. Tweeters are the smallest types of speakers and produce high frequencies. Then, super tweeters create high sound frequencies.

Midrange speakers create detail to the sounds that tweeters and woofers cannot, they handle everything in between. Woofers are an important part of a full range car speaker system. They make mid to low tones. Lastly, the sub woofers are often large in size and create the lowest sound frequencies. 

As for coaxial speakers, most cars come standard with coaxials. The different types include 2-band coaxial, 3-band coaxial and 4-band coaxial speakers.

3. Common Stereo Speaker Problems

let's go through the problems in car stereo speakers
Bad connection, loose wires, and improper installations are among common car stereo speaker problems

A bad connection is among the most common car stereo speaker issues. This could be because of a bad connection to the amplifier, or other wires connecting the speakers to the sound system. To make sure all connections are properly secure, check them thoroughly. 

If the speaker makes a spotty sound they may not be grounded properly. Usually, a distorted sound is produced via blown speakers with visible damages. The only way to solve this is by replacing the speakers. Here is how to replace and upgrade car speakers. 

4. Signs of Car Stereo Speaker Problems

if the sound quality is distorted there is a problem with the car stereo speakers
If the sound quality of the music cuts in or is not audible clearly, there is a problem with the car stereo and speakers

If the car stereo speakers are static they aren’t working properly. Another sign your stereo system is not working is if the sound cuts in and out. A third problem why sound isn’t coming from the car speaker could be that the car stereo speaker has malfunctioned completely. 

That is everything you need to know about car stereos. The stereo system and speakers of a vehicle make for an interesting and enjoyable drive. Those who want to upgrade their car stereo system’s sound quality can buy car speakers in the UAE. 

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