Can You Jumpstart a Car in the Rain? How to Do It Safely

jump start a car in the rain

Uncertain weather conditions impact driving. Rain, hail or dust storms can force drivers to stop their vehicles mid-way. While some may choose to find refuge and wait for conditions to get better, some may be forced to wait as the vehicles break down. Continuous rainfall in particular can take a toll on a car’s battery and lead to a vehicle breakdown. To get the vehicle up and running, a jumpstart becomes necessary especially if you are in no man’s land.

However, jumpstarting a vehicle during rain can be a different ballgame and the question remains if it is even possible. We will answer this question in our guide and mention some effective ways to jumpstart a car in the rain to ensure driver and vehicle safety.

Car Problems in The Rain

driving in rainfall can cause problems such as dead battery
Driving in rainfall and unfamiliar weather conditions can cause damage to the vehicles

Rainfalls can be harmful to your vehicle in several ways. The pollutants and contaminants can stick to the car’s exterior and damage the paint. It can also damage car upholstery if water finds its way into the vehicle’s interior.

While paint and upholstery damage can be fixed later, these do not put the vehicle on a halt like dead battery or internal damage does. If a car battery dies during rain, jumpstarting the vehicle is the possible solution unless there’s a service centre nearby.

How to Jumpstart a Car in the Rain

park both vehicles facing each other to jump start a car in the rain
The first step in jumpstarting a vehicle is to both cars facing each other

Rainfall can also lead to issues like hydroplaning among others. However, car shutdown usually happens due to a battery failure. A battery can shut down mid-way because of several reasons such as age, unclean cables and excess battery usage in vehicles to name a few.

If you find yourself in such a situation, a jumpstart can be a viable option to get your vehicle up and running. To learn how to jumpstart a car in the rain, it is important to know how to do it under normal circumstances. The whole process is standard but with some added measures.

Let’s do a quick review of how to jumpstart a car.

  • Park the vehicle with the dead battery facing the vehicle with the charged battery
  • Open the hoods to find the batteries. Some batteries have plastic hoods under which the terminals lie.
  • Check the negative and positive terminals and be sure to clean them.
  • Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal
  • Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal
  • Connect the last clamp on your car’s body
  • Start the working battery car and then the dead battery vehicle
  • Once the vehicle is jump-started, remove the cables in the order they were plugged in.
  • Shut down the car with the charged battery. 
  • Keep the other vehicle running for at least 10 minutes to ensure the battery holds the charge

You can also follow our guide on how to jumpstart a car for a detailed and thorough version of the entire process.

Precautions to take When Jumpstarting a Car in Rain

 you can safely jump start a car in the rain just make sure that the water doesn't reach the car battery terminals
Be sure to prevent water from reaching the battery terminals

While you can jumpstart a car in the rain with the standard process, it is essential to take some extra precautions. A car has complex electrical and mechanical systems and any mishap can cause severe damage to the engine. Moreover, your safety can also be at risk if you fail to follow the precautions.

That said, listed below are some precautions to take when jumpstarting a car in the rain.

  • Try and carry out the jumpstart process in a shaded place or with minimum exposure to rain
  • Be sure to wear protective gear – whether jumpstarting a car in the rain or under normal weather conditions.
  • Check the jumper cables for any exposed wires as contact with water can cause a short circuit.
  • Try to keep water away from falling on battery connections. Use an umbrella if you have one with you.
  • Make sure the battery isn’t frozen before starting the process.
  • Avoid connecting vehicles with incompatible batteries.
  • Ensure secure connections. Remember, red black is negative while red is positive
  • Attach the red clamp first and then the black one.
  • Connect and disconnect the wires carefully. Don’t let the wires come in contact under any circumstances.

Additionally, you can follow these rain driving safety tips to further enhance safety during the pouring season.

Can You Get Electrocuted while Jumpstarting a Car in the Rain?

Whether you jumpstart a car without another car or use a different vehicle for the purpose, it is better to be safe. However, to answer the question about electrocuting, car batteries run on 12 volts. Therefore, there are no chances of getting electrocuted or any lethal injuries.

That said, it is important to be on the safe side when you jumpstart a car in the rain. The battery may contain 12 volts but operating an electrical system when it’s pouring can be risky nevertheless. Additionally, there are always chances of causing damage to the engine if the jumpstarting process is not carried out efficiently.

don't let the jump cables come in contact as it can cause sparks
When the jumpstart process is complete, carefully remove the jump cables

These are all the safe ways to jumpstart a car in the rain. Car repairs can be risky when it’s pouring down. Luckily, you can jumpstart a car in the rain with the safety measures and with the conventional method. Go through these ways to deal with dead car battery and learn some effective methods to get out of the unwanted situation.

Additionally, you can follow these tips to prepare your car for the rainy season and enhance vehicle safety.

Moreover, modern vehicles come with great features and provide a sublime driving experience even under uncertain weather conditions. You can add any of these vehicles to your car collection. Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and have your pick.

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