Hyundai Safe Exit Assist

hyundai's safe exit assist

Safety features have always been the utmost priority of automobile brands and Hyundai is no exception. From seatbelts only to smart dashboards, the brand has come a long way. That said, the latest models of Hyundai are equipped with safety features that use cameras, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent accidents. One such feature is Hyundai’s safe exit assist. The exit assist detects vehicles approaching from different directions and instructs occupants whether it is safe to exit the vehicle or not.

Let’s take a closer look at Hyundai’s safe exit assist feature, its working and benefits in more detail. 

What is Safe Exit Assist

The history of Hyundai is filled with interesting events that highlight the focus of the brand on technologically-advanced features. That said, the safe exit assist is one of the modern car safety features recently launched by Hyundai. 

As evident from the name, safe exit assist is a safety feature that allows passengers to safely evict the car. The system uses a set of cameras and sensors to detect and alert passengers regarding the traffic approaching them. To elaborate further on the safe exit assist, let’s move towards its working. 

Hyundai safe exit assist alerts
The Hyundai safe exit assist alerts the driver when the vehicle is parked and another car is approaching the vehicle from the rear side

How Safe Exit Assist Work

The safe exit assist system uses rear radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from behind. When the sensor detects any cyclist or vehicle near the rear end, an alert message appears on the instrument cluster. 

The doors are automatically locked and will not open until the alert is illuminated on the screen. Once the hazard is cleared, the alert will disappear and the doors will be operational as normal.  

Hyundai safe exit assist sealing door
When safe exit assist is engaged and the vehicle is approaching from behind, the doors will be closed automatically and will only open when the vehicle will be passed

Why Safe Exit Assist is Necessary

The safe exit assist system is an essential modern safety feature that aids in making vehicles more secure. Opening the car door when it is parked on the roadside or in a parking lot without second-guessing can cause accidents. Therefore, to prevent these accidents, safe exit assistance is necessary which ensures that the pathway is clear to evict the car.

Additionally, the usage of cycles and scooters in the UAE is getting common. A vast majority of people opt for scooters and cycles as they are eco-friendly options. Although separate cycle tracks in Dubai and other Emirates are present, encountering a cyclist alongside the road is not uncommon. That said, safe exit assist also helps in making car eviction secure for both passengers and cyclists. 

Limitations of Safe Exit Assist

Hyundai’s safe exit assist system is a part of Hyundai SmartSense that is a step further toward safer vehicles. Despite being a technologically advanced feature, safe exit assist is limited under certain conditions. 

Here are certain conditions under which the safe exit assist system may or may not malfunction. 

  • Stopping the car on the roadside with overgrown grass and trees.
  • The vehicle approaching is either too fast or too slow. 
  • Getting out of the car under extreme weather conditions. 


What is a safe exit assist in Hyundai?

The safe exit assist is a safety feature that alerts the driver regarding the traffic approaching from behind when your car is parked. This is to ensure the maximum safety of passengers when evicting cars parked along the road or in the parking lot.  

What does safe exit assist in cars do?

The safe exit assist detects the vehicle and alerts the driver by illuminating a message on the instrument cluster, in some cases it also makes an alert sound to warn the driver. Till the message is illuminated on the screen, car doors will be locked and not open even upon trying.

Does a safe exit system exist?

Yes, the safe exit assist system is present in Hyundai cars. A number of other leading automobile brands also have this similar feature. 

This was all about Hyundai’s safe exit assist feature which helps in preventing accidents during car eviction. Opening a car door without a second thought is lethal and can cause an accident, even if the vehicle is in a parking lot. To avoid accidents, Hyundai has launched its safe exit assist that prevents accidents by sealing the doors when there is a vehicle near the rear end. If you are also interested in availing of this feature and making your vehicle safer, browse through these used Hyundai cars for sale in the UAE and drive your own Hyundai.

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